Cathy Jain’s ‘PLAYFIGHT’ Is A Precocious Return | News

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Rising alt-pop voice Cathy Jain returns with new single ‘PLAYFIGHT’.

The songwriter’s irresistible debut EP ‘spacegirl’ marked her out from the pack, with her refreshing honesty set against some dazzling pop moments. Lead single ‘cool kids’ became her calling card, with its spicy lyricism entwined around some stellar ear-worm melodies.

Forever moving forwards, Cathy Jain will release her new EP ‘spacegirl’ on October 14th through YALA! Records, and it’s led by precious new single ‘PLAYLIGHT’.

Moving from buzzy synth pop moments through to aspects of quiet reflection, it seems to touch upon different aspects of Cathy’s work, while placing them in one unique, unified document.

“’Playfight’ is all about nostalgia and the way bitterness can grow within relationships,” she notes. “It took the longest to make but has become my favourite on the EP.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Ewan McIntosh

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