Bonobo’s ‘Defender’ Has A Joyous Sense Of Directness | News

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 Bonobo has shared new track ‘Defender’.

The producer returned with his album ‘Fragments’ back in January, scoring a No. 3 success in the process. Overhauling his live show for international dates, the creativity continues with a flurry of stand-alone singles.

Recently sharing surprise burner ‘ATK’, Bonobo continues his thirst for directness on the piano-laden ‘Defender’. Dominated by that four-to-the-floor beat, it taps into the energy of the club experience, while still amplified by his painterly touch.

It’s a potent return from the producer, who sprinkles synths on top of the electronic mixture, perpetually finding the balance between digital experimentation and the physical pull of those club-rooted rhythms.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

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