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Benjamin Clementine has shared moving new song ‘Delighted’.

The songwriter seems to pour his soul into every he puts his name against, and that approach has resulted in an enriching catalogue. 2015’s ‘At Least For Now’ won the Mercury, while his independent streak continued on 2017’s ‘I Tell A Fly’.

New album ‘And I Have Been’ ends a lengthy wait for a follow-up, but Benjamin Clementine’s emotive touch remains intact. Gently moving his work into fresh arenas, the songwriter continues his journey on refulgent new gem ‘Delighted’.

That powerful, riveting voice remains intact, with Benjamin Clementine using ‘Delighted’ as a space for learning, and personal evolution. Literate in that unmistakable way of his, the song searches for progress in often bleak times.

He says: “Every now and then, we lean to try, then we learn with trials, then we earn our respect along the watchtower. Arrogance becomes the culprit of complacency, so as we turn away from what we’ve painstakingly morphed, we burn all the years of passion, patience and practice. Luckily, we are humans, so we can start again, hence we are delighted.”

Tune in now.

‘And I Have Been’ will be released on October 28th.


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