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Bellah Mae has shared her debut single ‘Boyfriend Of The Year’.

The pop rebel is making her own rules, blending future-facing production, excellent ear-worm melodies, and odd country and rock inflection, too. A prodigal talent – she was a Guns N’ Roses Stan as a tween – Bellah Mae gathers all these influences (and more) on her emphatic new single.

Out now, ‘Boyfriend Of The Year’ was trailed on TikTok, and promptly went viral with it’s all-too-relatable tale of being dumped and then watching your toxic ex live out a dream relationship on social media.

Sung from the heart, ‘Boyfriend Of The Year’ twists and turns, before exploding into that emphatic chorus. Instantly infectious, it’s a bold opening gambit, allowing Bellah Mae to introduce herself with remarkable panache.

She comments…

 “I’d had the opening line of the chorus in my notes app for a few months, but I didn’t know which angle I wanted to take the song. Josh and I started trying out ideas and, in an hour, we had written the song. It was one of those examples where it just writes itself”.

“When I uploaded the song to TikTok, the response was so amazing and positive. I wrote it from my personal experiences, but the number of messages I’ve had from girls and guys sending me paragraphs about their own situations is incredible. As a songwriter, it’s confirmation that I’m doing something right.”

Tune in now.

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