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Melbourne pop riser ASHWARYA has shared new single ‘Best Friend’.

The first release of her independent era, ‘Best Friend’ comes days after her stellar support slot alongside Dua Lipa. Hitting the Palais Theatre in her home city, ASHWARYA dropped in something new for fans, giving ‘Best Friend’ its first airing.

A song about unique dilemma – catching feels for your best friend – it deals with illicit love, and how it can distort or even spoil a friendship.

“I was your best friend” she sings, exemplifying the unique melancholy of the song itself. ASHWARYA adds:

“Catching feels for your best friend straight up sucks, and I wanted to convey that internal turmoil of not wanting to ruin the friendship. The core of this song is a tragedy because it got me reminiscing on what used to be. That aside, though, creating this track was nuts. I wanna give people something different than before, something to ferociously sing and dance to. I need that myself right now.”

A pristine piece of dark-pop that speaks from the heart, ASHWARYA’s diaristic flow makes ‘Best Friend’ explicitly honest. Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Brianna Da Silva

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