Alison Goldfrapp’s ‘Love Invention’ Is Draped In Sensual Colour | News

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UK dance icon Alison Goldfrapp has shared new single ‘Love Invention’.

Out now, it’s the almost title track of her incoming album, with Alison Goldfrapp’s debut solo LP ‘The Love Invention’ slated to land on May 12th. It’ll be a busy summer for her, too, with a show at London’s HERE At Outernet on May 18th followed by sets at Glastonbury and Primavera Sound.

‘Love Invention’ illustrates the colour and vivacity of her songwriting – channelling Moroder-esque disco production, the slinky electronics also lean on house abandon, all held together by Alison Goldfrapp’s innate pop touch.

Communication is in her DNA, and nowhere is that more evident than on ‘Love Invention’ – it’s a hip-shaker, and you simply cannot deny her lust for life.

The lyrics speak of broader themes running through the album, from romance to sci-fi. She comments…

“I was inspired by the idea of a machine or pill that gives you a feeling of complete euphoria.  It’s also inspired by the quick-fix self-improvement culture you particularly find on social media that I find slightly humorous. I’m slightly cynical of it but fascinated by it as well.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Mat Maitland

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