ALBUM REVIEW: Vinyl Floor – Funhouse Mirror

ALBUM REVIEW: Vinyl Floor - Funhouse Mirror

Vinyl Floor is a Copenhagen rock band and his their fourth studio album might just be the best. ‘Funhouse Mirror’ might be a step away from the raw stripped back production of 2018’sApogee’ instead it’s lighter and brighter with a feel for the UK Pop Rock scene of teh late 60’s and given a little extra bite with an alt-rock kick.

Opener ‘Anything You Want’ is a great start – a wall of sound, nice and up-tempo, with synthetic horns and great vocal harmonies that lead to a wonderfully pumped chorus. ‘Clock with No Hands’ the opening single that follows might even be better, the hooks are huge and teh melodies and chord changes make it more than memorable. The test of course is can it be sustained and ‘Between Lines Undone’ ticks all the right boxes if you love that slightly Bluesy, slightly Beatle-esque rootsy yet Pop sound of Britpop meets an undertow of rocking Americana.  

Funhouse Mirror’ blends everything wonderfully imagine talking all your influences and  spitting out the perfectly spiced blend. ‘Death of a Poet’ changes it all up s completely bringing in the band’s orchestral influences that eventually swell into a roaring guitar solo. It’s heady stuff as is pretty much everything here from the piano led ‘Dear Apollon’, and the Grunge infused ‘Pretty Predictable’ which has a wonderful breakdown, to the uplifting glory of closer ‘Days’.   

This is a great record, never boring and never predictable and it’s completely compelling. Take it all in though don’t pick and choose – this is one to play right through ad enjoy the journey. Very cool.


7.5 /10

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