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Aidan has shared new single ‘I Don’t Ever Want A Friend Like You’.

The UK R&B riser is making serious waves, and his debut EP ‘It Was All For Love’ will be released later this year. New single ‘I Don’t Ever Want A Friend Like You’ continues his rise, a song about claiming your self-worth.

He sings: “When it comes to you I am all or nothing.”

The UK vocalist says of the song:

“This song represents the downfall of a first love. You cut ties, you may enjoy the distance for a bit, but then one of you will feel differently and try and rekindle. It’s really not speaking about a friend at all, instead, it speaks to the notion of never being able to either go back to being friends or being able to be around that person knowing that they aren’t fully part of your life like they used to be.” 

The South West Londoner aligns with long-time collaborator Ben Cole for the visuals, which feature references to iconic American artist Basquiat. In the video, the characters are submerged under water, a reference to the varying currents of love and a relationship.

“We come together with full embrace, yet we always seem to break apart,” Aidan comments. “The fact that she is both pregnant in the video and pregnant in real life, again, expresses how important this relationship is and how much there was to lose”.

Tune in now.

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