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Aidan Moffat has laid out plans for a new solo album.

Arab Strap remain his day job, but the Glasgow based artist steps out on his own once more with Nyx Nótt. Offering something quite different to the norm, incoming album ‘Themes From’ began as a simple concept – crafting themes for TV shows which didn’t exist.

As such, titles include ‘Porno’, ‘Caper’, and ‘Swashbuckler’, with Aidan Moffat drawing inspiration from old library music recordings.

Out on December 2nd, the album grew out of those initial experiments to take on its own life. “The plan was to make twenty 90-second tracks designed as TV themes,” he says. “But it wasn’t a satisfying listen, it was too gimmicky and silly.”

“There’s a few more jazzy elements here,” he adds. “Although I’m not quite sure where that came from. Although, like everyone else, I’ve had plenty of time to be introspective recently, so I decided the next Nyx Nótt album should be more upbeat and encourage some occasional foot-tapping.”

New track ‘Thriller’ displays the more direct and dynamic side of the project, with Aidan Moffat adding some gleefully offbeat elements. There’s a full video, too, crafted by Sparks Studio.

Tune in now.

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